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Home Loan Review List Of SEC Registered Online Lending Companies 2022

List Of SEC Registered Online Lending Companies 2022

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Are you looking for the full List Of SEC Registered Online Lending Companies 2022 then this article is for you with the latest list in 2022.

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List Of SEC Registered Online Lending Companies 2022
List Of SEC Registered Online Lending Companies 2022

Here’s the List Of SEC Registered Online Lending Companies 2022 in the Philippines which can assist you to create your mobile app!

List Of SEC Registered Online Lending Companies 2022

Lending is an industry that has been around for a long period of time, but with the rise of the internet and online lending with instant loan apps, it has become easier to apply for a loan and more effective to manage it. Here is the updated list of 100 in the year 2022.

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19F Lending Philippines IncorporatedCS2019044712916Pesoclick, Quickpeso, Amihan
2Acom Consumer Finance CorporationCS2017248971140ACOM – Fast Cash Loan. Simple.
3Aeon Credit Service (Philippines) IncCS2013007891055Aeon Credit Service Mobile App
4And Financing CorporationCS2018409301187LendPinoy
5Armorak Lending IncCS2019082712988Ayudas, Weloan
6Asialink Finance CorporationA199711768570Asialink Mobile CRM App
7Asiasource Financial IncCS2014125671085MotorcycleLoan, QuickCash, UtangOnline
8Asteria Lending Inc. Doing Business under the name and style of CashbazaarCS2016038531813https://www.asteria.com.ph/
9Cash Mart Asia Lending Inc.CS2016100841849Cashmart.ph (website)
10Cashbee Lending Services Inc.CS2019123213041Cashbee.ph
11CashMum Lending Investors Corp.CS2021023363413Cashmum
12Cashtrees Lending CorpCS2020024283245Happylend, Creditcash, Cashmore
13Cashxpress South East Asia Lending IncCS2019510882918https://cashxpress.ph/
14CEPAT Kredit FinancingCS2019099761223www.cepatkreditfinancing.com
15Codeblock Lending Inc.CS2019136813059Kpeso, Opeso, OKpeso
16Convenience Cash Lending Corp.2020090002200-053319Zada Cash, Bloom Cash
17Copperstone Lending Inc.2021050012959-043454Pesoforrest, Pococash, Blue Peso, Moca Moca, Peso Buffet, Load Cash, Quickla
18Creditable Lending CorporationCS2018175162749EasyPeso
19Deltapeak Lending Inc.CS2017204432380“www.availa.cash
20DF Credit Lending CorporationCS2020024303244Funpera
21Digido Finance CorpCS2020030561272Unapay, Unacash, www.Digido.ph (website)
22Discovery Credit Solutions Inc.CS2020008393213https://discoverycsc.com/
23Dolphin Lending Investor, inc.CS2019118973037PesoGO, Microloan
24Easycash Lending Company, IncCS20101882640Easycash
25E-Borrow Lending Corp.2020100002616-0303333Halika Cash
26Elending Lending Inc.CS2019123833044Pocketcash
27Excellent Era Lending Service CorpCS2019130443056Support
28Fast Coin Lending CorpCS201900002773140Cashcow, Cashguard, Cocopeso
29Fcash Global Lending IncCS2018038131149Fast cash, Fcash, Fastcash VIP , Fast cash loan
30Fesl Lending Investor Corp.CS2020036123271Start Loan, Pondo Loan, First Cash
31Fidoph Lending CorporationCS2018251012832Fidoph Philippines, www. Fido.ph
32Finance Technologies Inc. Doing Business under the name of PitacashCS2019023691200Pitacash
33Fingertip Lending CorpCS20200700010533298Big Loan
34First Circle Growth Finance CorpCS2016054771108“www.my.firstcircle.ph www.firstcircle.ph”
35First Digital Finance CorporationCS2015163471101FDFC, Balikbayad, Loan Ranger , Billease,
36Flash Cash 101 Lending Corp.CS2019153173083Valley loan, Lemon Loan
37FT Lending Master Philippines CorpCS2019108633025FT Lending/Go cash
38Fuse Lending Inc.CS2016176221897Gcredit
39Global Dominion Financing, Inc.CS200305834530“gdfi.com.ph; Loansolutions.ph; GoDrive.com.ph;
40Got-IT Lending Inc.CS2019098403006Eagle Wallet, Pera Bag, Pera U bag
41Grab Financial Services Philippines, IncCS2019059771210GrabFinance (website), Grab Finance (within the Grab application)
42HC Consumer Finance PhilippinesCS2013013541071My Home Credit
43Hi-fin Lending inc.CS2019109953027Peso Wallet, Credit Cash
44HT Financial lending Services (PH) CorpCS2019054552930HICASH-PESO, CASH LOAN ONLINE ON-DEMAND
45Hupan Lending Technology Inc.CS2019011972879Cashme, Cashwow
46iDIRECT Finance Company Inc2021080023709-02F-21-0010-64Direct Loan
47Inclusive Credit Lending Inc.CS2019099283007Pinoy Peso
48Joywin Lending Investor, Inc.CS2018262472859Lemon Loan
49Jungle Lending IncCS2020022233249Jungle (https://www.heyjungle.com/)
50Just Smile Lending CorporationCS2020113423379FreshApp
51Kayamo Atlas Lending Corp.CS2019149523075www.kayamo.ph
52Kidmmanj Lending Inc.CS2017292602526www.facebook.com/kidmmanj
53King Cash Lending Investors IncCS2021045543442Insta Cash
54Kusog Pera Lending Inc.CS2019166693118Kusog Pera, SnaPera
55Kviku Lending Co. Inc.CS2019187023169kviku.ph
56Leapgen Lending Inc.CS2019157173089Pesohaus
57LF Lending ServicesCS2020012943225Facebook – LF Lending Services, Instagram – LF Lending Services, Linked In – LF Lending Services
58LHL Online Lending, Inc.CS2019166993119Pautang online, Pautang Peso
59Link Credit Lending Investors IncCS2019146443072Ipeso, Pesoin
60Loan Star Lending Group CorpCS2012098221238https://www.loanstarlending.com.ph/sme/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7oyNBhDiARIsADtGRZZWSMtSnRtWRQ8Po4AugSDwF2B_VhMCJNIJAQY-2lih78-TWLuRN4oaAtJQEALw_wcB
61Lucky Shell Fintech Lending, IncCS2019129953055LuckyPeso , MayPera, MiPeso
62Magician of Money Lending Corp.CS2019183913157PeraMoo
63Makati Loan, Inc.CS2019172093130Peso Cash Loan
64Mali Lending CorpCS2019076622968Mabilis Cash
65Masaganang Buhay Finance Philippines CorporationCS2018240081185Pesoloan
66Microdot Lending CorporationCS2019512872921MF cash, Credit Cash, Credit Peso, Peso loan mart, Cash Baka, Cash Mabilis, Go Peso,Instant Loan, Timely Loan
67Moneycat Financing Inc.CS2019530731254Moneycat. Ph, One click money.ph
68Mr Angel Credit Corp.CS2014243341669QLO Quick Loans Online (website)
69Mycash Lending Investors Inc.CS2018409872814Paghiram, Peso Online, PHPocket
70Myloan Lending Investor Inc.CS2019001972866PesoCash
71Neuroncredit Financing Company Inc.CS2018163381178Atome PH
72New Cross Credit and Financing Gate PH Inc.CS2016288161288Uploan PH
73Online Loans Pilipinas Financing, Inc.CS2017264301181Online Loans Pilipinas
74Paloo Financing IncCS2018002091162Cashalo
75Pera247 Lending CorporationCS2017343392582Pera247
76Peso Redee Financing Co. Inc.CS2018045641165Peso Redee
77Philippine Castrout Lending CorporationCS2019104073015Pesomio, Mocasa, cashoyo
78Philippine Microdot Financing Corp.CS2019073501214Pautang Peso, Borrow Peso, King Loan, Loan peso, Lendpeso Market, Loan Quick, Cash Cloud, Cash Star, Free Peso, Going Loans, Peso Network, Red Cash
79Philippine RUP Financing CorporationCS2019090231218Pesos.ph
80Philippine Top Platinum Lending CorporationCS2014218301899Primeloan.ph
81Philippine Vastness Lending CorporationCS2019184013158Vplus
82Plentina Lending Inc.CS202000011173266Plentina.com, plentina
83Populus Lending CorporationCS2019143903066Pesopop, PesoCow, NewCash, Luckyloan
84Prima Fintech (Philippines) Lending CorporationCS2019511002917Pautang Cash, Prima Cash, Flip Cash, Manup, Light Kredit, Peso pocket, Prima Loan
85Prime Global Finance CorporationA199610344185PG Finance
86Putu Novi Financing CorporationCS2019135991230Dami Credit
87Qcash Finance CorporationCS2019189161253Logicash, Pesoflash, Pesobox
88Quark Financing Corp.CS202000009161274Madali Loan
89Radiowealth Finance Company Inc.AS9600005A173Loan Application Portal (via RFC Website)
90Right Choice Finance CorpCS2016120581189myRCF, myRightChoice
91Royal Yohoo Lending Investors CorporationsCS2019061452940Happypera2
92Scoreone Financing CorpCS2019199951257E-Perash
93Seamoney (Credit) Finance Phil IncCS2020053821279Spaylater , Sloans
94Second Pay Financing, IncCS2019080381217Mmloan, Ez loan
95Singularity lending Inc202106001543-59I-21-0007-15Lpeso, Pesoplus
96Snapcash Lending Inc.CS2018048362658Masayacash, Peso2you, CashniJuan, Peso2go, Jetpeso
97Sofi Lending IncCS2019082752990www.finbro.ph
98Sumisho Motor Finance CorporationCS2009176911007Sumisho
99Summerset Lending IncorporationCS2019037332906Easy Pera
100Sumulong Financing, IncCS2019157121238Gopeso, Grabpeso, Fastpeso
101SunCash Lending Investor Corp.CS2018257072846Suncash
102Sunloan Lending Investors CorporationCS2019005652872Cashola, Peso Plus
103Sunprime Finance Inc.CS2019166981241LoanQuickCash, LoanOnline, CashCash, OnlineUtang, CarFinance
104Supreme Money Lending CorpCS202001119CATCEO-247www.figma.com/file/Vrulwngl4E6ladKOFyFpFp0H/Untitled?nodeid=0%3A1
105Surity Cash Lending Investors CorpCS2019101853013Surity Cash
106Tala Financing Philippines IncCS2017105821132Tala
107Tekwang Lending Corp.CS2019113693032Tekcash
108Temple Tech Finance Corp.CS2018207321228Tendopay
109The Mandala Lending Corp.CS2020055673300Facebook: The Mandala Lending Corp,Twitter: The Mandala Lending Corp Instagram: The Mandala Lending Corp The Mandala Lending Corp. online advertisements
110Toyota Financial Services Philippines CorporationCS200251691256“Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation website, and KINTO web and mobile application”
111Transnational Financial Services Inc1386291017Transnational Financial Services Inc
112Treasure Bowl Fintech Lending Corp.CS2019163403101Wow Pera, Zippeso
113Umbrella Lending Investor IncCS2019143033068Umbrella Lending Investor
114Unistar Credit and Finance CorporationCS200528016902FundEasy Website
115U-Peso Lending Investors Corp.CS2018166912739PesoQ
116U-Peso.PH Lending CorpCS2018149082718Upeso, Pera4u, Peralending, Loanmoto
117Vamo Lending Inc.CS202000009153261Vamo
118Vidalia Lending CorpCS200813771279Vidalia App
119Warm Cash Lending Corp2021030009095-023427Honey Loan
120WeFund Lending Corp.CS2018256722844Juanhand, Junahand, Kidlat Peso
121XLKash Lending Corp.CS2019173093136Xlkash Lending
122Y Finance Inc.CS2018004941163LoanChamp
123Yinshan Lending IncCS2019001082860Happycash
124Yulon Finance Philippines CorporationCS2018061191167Yulon Finance’s website (https://www.yulon-finance.com.ph/)
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