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NIRSAL Loan Process

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Are you looking for NIRSAL Loan Process then this article is for you with all the necessary details and information that will help you.

NIRSAL Loan Process
NIRSAL Loan Process

About Nirsal Microfinance Bank

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank is one of the top financial institutions in Nigeria authorized through the CBN to provide loans for various purposes One of them can be Nirsal Covid-19 loan. Nirsal covid-19 loan that is available for further details from covid19.nmfb.com.ng. Furthermore, you are able to make the most informed loans decisions by comparison of loans offered by CBN recognized institutions.

Nirsal or NMFB is a subsidiary of Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL Plc. ) is an non-banking financial institution founded in 2013 with the aim to promote the flow of low-cost finance and investment to the agricultural sector.

NIRSAL is charged with the goal of changing the definition of the industry and its activities in the country. It accomplishes this by measuring the repricing and the sharing of agribusiness credit risk.

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NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Loan

The following loan products are that are offered by NMFB

  • Agric, Small Medium Enterprise Scheme (AGSMEIS): AGSMEIS loan is a Nirsal agricultural loan that can provide the possibility of N10 million to small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses that qualify to apply for the AGSMEIS are who are in the creative and artistic industries (fashion beauty, beauty, and textiles, arts and entertainment), Industrial & Manufacturing (agriculture and allied processing and automobiles), Information & Communication Technology (telecommunication and publishing and media) as well as Hospitality (catering and managing events). The loans are subject to an interest rate of a single digit, which can range from 5% to 9% per year rate. They are also not required to have collateral security.
  • Anchor Borrowers Program The Anchor Borrowers program is a the NMFB CBN loan which aims to create and foster the connection between businesses who are involved in the process industry as well as small-scale farmers who trade in the essential agricultural products. It is possible to walk into the nearest Nirsal Microfinance Bank branch to apply for.
  • The NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Access Target Account It is a savings scheme which targets small, micro medium and large enterprises and individuals seeking to establish a healthy savings culture. It typically is available for a certain time with a specific purpose. Through this plan, NIRSAL Microfinance Bank aids its customers to save for a variety of motives, like rental, purchasing items, purchasing equipment or even to fund celebrations. There is a set limit on the account, which means they can only permit a certain number of withdrawals that are limited by the account holder, based on the agreed upon guidelines. Access Target accounts have a predetermined limit. Access Target account has an opening balance of $1000 with the minimum balance being N500.
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NIRSAL Loan Process

These are the mandatory documents and credentials you need before you start to NIRSAL Loan Process.

  • The letter you received from your employer
  • Pay slip
  • The ID card of your employee
  • A six-month statement for your banking account
  • Other IDs that are valid such as Your National ID, Drivers’ licence, etc.
  • A utility bill
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Form of guarantor

Nirsal Loan Process Review


  • They have a variety of loan options
  • Their rates are affordable


  • Many documents to support a huge amounts of loans
  • You require a guarantor for get loans
  • The training is required for recipients.
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