Pokimane Tiktok: Why Is The Tiktoker Getting Viral

Pokimane Tiktok posted her revelation on her official TikTok account after learning she had recently been “almost blackmailed” by a scammer.

The Twitch streamer’s quite alarming experience has to serve as a warning to any upcoming influencers because she has definitely had an unpleasant time.

Small creators have mostly been warned by Pokimane Tiktok to be wary of con artists because even the most skilled ones can easily fall victim to them.

In a 3-minute video posted on Pokimane Tiktok’s TikTok account on November 9, the well-known streamer reveals how she was contacted by a con artist impersonating a representative from an underwear brand that she respects and supports.

About Influencer Scam

The streamer warns other video producers not to fall for the strange influencer fraud any longer.

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She asserted that she received an email from someone posing as from Neiwai looking for a chance to collaborate.

Pokimane Tiktok initially assumed the sender was a true consultant for the employer and had considered submitting her measurements for a few loose items from their new collection after a few days.

Pokimane Tiktok Realized

But when they asked her to send an image of her bare chest, she realised something was strange about the request.

She claimed that I discovered they weren’t clearly displaying how to obtain my measurements. They want me to wrap a tape measure over myself and send them a photo of my bare breast.

Pokimane Tiktok discovered right away that the emails were sent to her from fake bills with the logo call or even a PowerPoint with images from their purported “new collection” that were thought to be realistic.

She gave advice to her followers and other clients to never provide any of their personal information, including their home addresses, with such con artists. Instead, she would request that the correspondence be sent to a PO Box.

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Amount Of Effort Used

“The number of attempts they installed is both hilarious and terrifying. If I had sent them something, I don’t even want to think about what they might have done, Pokimane Tiktok said.

More than 6.4 million fans have now been informed about the online “influencer scam” thanks to Pokimane Tiktok’s recognition on TikTok.

With 9.3 million fans, she has the most followers of any woman on Twitch and is also the most well-known streamer in the US, according to Desert.

Pokimane Tiktok Popularity

More than 6.4 million admirers have already been informed about the online “influencer scam” because to Pokimane Tiktok’s recognition on TikTok.

According to Dexerto, she has 9.3 million Twitch viewers, making her the most followed female on the platform and the most well-known streamer in the US.

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Why is Pokimane Tiktok Tiktok called that?
Ans. Female influencer Pokimane Tiktok is dealing with tiktok.

What’s the Problem With Pokimane Tiktok?
Ans. tackling through the fans.

Que . How many tik tok fans did Pokimane Tiktok have?
Ans. On Tiktok, she has millions of fans.

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