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2023 porsche taycan cross turismo / sport turismo themediahell.com

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Are you looking for 2023 porsche taycan cross turismo / sport turismo themediahell.com then this article is for you with all the necessary information

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo or Sport Turismo is the most popular body style in America, despite the fact that wagons aren’t.

The stylish electric Taycan sedan can be substituted with one of these long-roof station wagons. Compared to their conventional counterparts, they have a larger back seat and additional cargo room. The same powertrains that are offered for the sedan are not offered for the wagon. However, their only available all-wheel drive powertrains are dual motor ones. The standard Cross Turismos have 469 horsepower, while the Cross Turismo Turbo S has 750 horsepower.

The Cross Turismo GTS boasts an SUV-inspired ride height, no body cladding, and 590 horsepower. Both wagons are spacious and well-made. The higher ground clearance of the Cross Turismo might make it simpler for passengers to depart. The Cross and Sport Turismo variants have a smaller range than the Taycan.

What’s new for 2023?

For model years 2023 and after, Porsche improves the Taycan Cross and Sport Turismos with a battery and charging algorithm update that aids in extending range and accelerating charging times.

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The battery will now be preconditioned to a hotter temperature, according to Porsche, in the Taycan. This will enable the vehicle to charge up to its maximum of 270 kWh at a higher rate.

Although we are awaiting the EPA’s official rating, the total range will also be somewhat increased. New infotainment screens come with wifi Android Auto and a faster, more vibrant user interface.

By using the output of charging stations as a filter, it can also locate charging stations. On any Taycan with a panoramic roof, Porsche’s Variable Light Control is currently available. Only the Sport Turismo GTS could use it.

The driver can electronically change the roof’s transparency and opaqueness. The 19-inch Aero-painted wheels are no longer available.

Pricing and Which One To Buy

With the exception of the absence of a model with rear-wheel drive and the wagon’s somewhat higher pricing than the sedan, Cross Turismo’s range is similar to that of the standard Taycan. The Cross Turismo 4S model with a 562-hp engine is what we advise. Both adjustable air suspension and all-wheel drive are standard. The long-roof Taycan is available for purchase right now and includes a free three-year subscription to Electrify America. We suggest the Porsche Experience Center, which is more expensive but still worthwhile.

EV Motor and Power

Only electricity is used to power the Taycan Cross Turismo. Its sedan sibling shares a chassis. The single option for the wagon is all-wheel drive.

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Power is provided by two electric motors, whose outputs change based on the trim setting. One of the Taycan’s most eye-catching characteristics is the two-speed transmission on the rear axle.

2023 porsche taycan cross turismo / sport turismo themediahell.com.
2023 porsche taycan cross turismo / sport turismo themediahell.com

An electric car has never done this before. It aided the Taycan Turbo S’s 2.4-second acceleration to 60 mph. A first for an EV, this. In approximately 3.5 seconds, the 562-hp 4S model hit 60 MPH. In contrast to other EVs, the Taycan’s performance is constant as battery life decreases. In our first driving experience, the 469-hp Taycan Cross Turismo 4 showed us its rapid acceleration, responsive handling, and secure brakes.

Charging, Battery Life

The Porsche Taycan 4 & 4S Cross Turismo models from last year had an EPA-estimated 215-mile range, but the Turbo S model had a meager 202 miles, so we do not yet know the 2023 EPA estimates.

Porsche’s newest improvements haven’t changed that. Additionally, it is below what the EPA has rated comparable Taycan sedan models. On our 75 mph highway, we tested both the Turbo S sedan and the 4S variant. Both performed better than they were rated by the government.

The sedan and Cross Turismo will both use the same 800-volt architecture. The all-electric range of the wagon is anticipated to be the same, but charging time should be less than 22.5 minutes.

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Fuel Economy, Real-World MPGe

The Taycan Cross Turismo’s official MPGe rating hasn’t been revealed yet, however it is anticipated to be in the range of 76. Once we are able to test it on the 75 mph fuel efficiency route that is a part of the extended testing program, we will be able to assess the real-world MPGe. For additional details on the Taycan Cross Turismo’s fuel efficiency, see the EPA website.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

There are some hints of Porsche’s history in the electric sedan, including a start button on the left side of the steering wheel.

However, there are also modern high-tech elements like a digital gauge cluster. The Taycan Cross Turismo offers a wide range of luxury features and a variety of customization options. 

The wagon can be configured in either a four-seat or five-seat configuration, with the latter adding a small middle seat in the rear row. 

The Cross Turismo has slightly more headroom than the sedan due to its standard panoramic sunroof and higher roofline. The wagon has more cargo space in the rear than its sedan sibling and the Taycan’s trunk front.

2023 porsche taycan cross turismo / sport turismo themediahell.com
2023 porsche taycan cross turismo / sport turismo themediahell.com
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