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How to start mushroom farming business in Nigeria in 2022

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Have you been wondering what the mushroom farming is all about, how lucrative it is or How to start a mushroom farming business in Nigeria?

Here is the best guide to answer all of your queries.

The practice of mushroom farming consists of cultivating edible and useful species of mushrooms that can be eaten.

They are diverse in their species, however only one or two are edible while the rest could be fatal however, the growth in demand for mushrooms due to its health benefits is a reason to make them a profitable business, even when they haven’t yet established itself in Nigeria and it’s an excellent chance for farmers to investigate.

Can mushroom farming be profitable?

This is likely to be the query that comes to your mind on the right track which will be yes.Due to the increase in demand for this particular type of fungi this business is profitable.

We also have just a handful of farmers that cultivate mushrooms, and I’m able to claim that the market is small and inexperienced, but the demand for mushrooms is greater than the supply.

Are you thinking about how to be a part of the group? Let’s go on a journey together, and you’ll find the answer.

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How do you start a mushroom farm in Nigeria

Beginning a mushroom farming venture isn’t easy and can be frustrating initially because mushrooms are delicate plants that must be treated effectively if you’re hoping to make profits from mushrooms.

Here are some things you’ll require in order to begin an enterprise of mushroom farming in Nigeria.

1. Get a land

First, you will need land. will need it to grow mushrooms.

Make a mud home

According to studies according to research, a mudhouse is the ideal location to keep mushrooms in because it facilitates the outflow and inflow of air. This helps to preserve your mushrooms.

Select your preferred basis

As we know, mushrooms aren’t able to grow on ground as do other crops They are fungi that are able to grow on dead things.

A substrate is the item that can support the mushroom’s growth.

The substrates that you can choose from comprise sawdust, wheat bran plenty of woods, as well as rice bran.

How do you get your substrate prepared for the cultivation of mushrooms.

  1. First, once you have decided on the substrate you will make use of, it is essential to sterilize it to prevent any microorganisms since making a small mistake of not sterilizing it can destroy your business with mushrooms.
  2. Spread the substrate over an container that is large enough to allow for the mushroom’s growth.
  3. The spawn is the mushroom seedling onto the substrate.
  4. The container in which you store your spawn as well as your substrate. It’s been established that the spawn requires a healthy level for it to be able to root in the soil. You could also put your spawn in sunlight if do not want to heat it with another medium.
  5. The mixture should be kept in a dark place for a few weeks until it starts to grow.
  6. Then, move the mix onto your property and make sure to water it well and frequently to keep it damp since it requires lots of water to ensure its growth.
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If you prefer to make use of sawdust instead of wood then you can follow the steps below to get your substrate in preparation for mushroom, however using sawdust is easy and simple.

Never forget that, regardless of the material employed sterilization is mandatory.

  • Find your wood log and create a hole in the forest. The hole doesn’t have to be that deep or wide. A small hole that could hold the tiny amount of spawn that can be contained at one time.
  • Put your sseedlings of mushrooms (awn) in the hole you’ve constructed in the forest.
  • Put the wood and seeds within it in the shade of a cool place. It is not necessary to dry or heat this since woods release heat and this is sufficient for what we wish to achieve.
  • Continue to spray with water until the mushroom begins to grow.

4. Maintain a high standard of hygiene

Mushrooms are considered to be a an organism that is clean and grows ever more well-maintained area. You must maintain good hygiene for the sake of making profits from your business.

The rules to be followed in mushroom farming

  • You should be hygienic sufficient to ensure that your farm clean and well-sanitized
  • Do not try to be too big initially because you could make a few mistakes, and starting with all your efforts at the same time could cause a major loss.
  • Ask for advice from a professional who has been in industry for a while.
  • Examine the business on your own and then decide what will work for you.

Things to avoid when mushroom farming

1. Do not try to implement your idea in the event that you are just starting. Everyone has the desire to come up with new and efficient methods of doing things, but if you’re truly working to earn money, you should eschew this urge and focus instead on the method being explained.

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2. Beware of buying seedlings that are not good, because they could be the most expensive.
3. Don’t be too quick to grow as mushrooms take time to develop and grow.

Many frequently asked questions regarding Mushroom farming

1. What is the cost to begin an online business called a mushroom in Nigeria?

It all depends upon the scale of your operation, or the size you wish your farm to grow. The cultivation of mushrooms requires only the smallest amount of capital, ranging between #100,000 and #200,000 based on the capacity of your farm.

2. What is the price per kilo of mushrooms in Nigeria?

At the time this article was written one kilo of the mushroom is more valuable than a kilo chicken. This is a sign of that this is a significant particular organism. A kilo of mushrooms Worth’s #3000.

3. What is the need of mushrooms Nigeria?

Based on research conducted by the NFIS, Nigeria is only capable of producing 300 tons of mushrooms annually, whereas we have a demands of 1200 tons. This is a great moment to start a company and make money.


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