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Information and document checklist for getting a divorce in florida

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Are you looking for Information and document checklist for getting a divorce in florida then this article is for you.

Before you begin discussions about divorce in the presence of your spouse it’s going to be beneficial to learn how you can prepare for the next steps. One thing you should take is to begin collecting all the paperwork you’ll require. It is not advisable to delay too long in trying to get these documents, as it could cause additional stress. If you have a spouse who is taking these documents, you’ll require copies from the divorce lawyer of your spouse and this could be a time-consuming process. Today, we review the divorce checklist to make sure you have all the necessary documentation.


If you’re seeking divorce in Florida Your checklist for paperwork should include the followingitems:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Personal documents (including birth certificates and birth certificates for each member of your family)
  • Social Security Cards (for all members of your family)
  • Postnuptial or prenuptial agreements
  • Financial statements and other documents
  • Returns of tax (for the last 3 years)
  • Employment contract(s)
  • Stubs of pay
  • Renting a property is a lease.
  • Documents for loans, bank statements and credit statement for credit cards
  • Statements of retirement accounts (including 401(k)s or IRAs)
  • Health, life, auto homeowner’s insurance, and life insurance
  • Divorce documents (if either you or your spouse previously divorced)
  • Copy of the title for any vehicles, property, or boats that you have
  • The documentation you need to prove your household’s monthly budget
  • The documents that describe the property you own
  • List of valuables
  • Documents for business (will be required to include the annual revenues of the business and expenses, debts, profits and loss statements and much more)
  • Insurance policies for business
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Because Florida is a state that does not have fault for divorce which means that you and your spouse don’t have to give the specific reasons the reasons you’d like to divorce. If one of you is responsible in the divorce it could be make an alimony decision. If, for instance, your spouse has committed adultery, you’d like to gather the following evidence to prove it:

  • The evidence that you need to prove that your spouse is at fault include text messages, emails and letters, phone conversations and photos
  • Credit card and bank statements which show that your spouse has spent marital funds on their lover.
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We hope the above information has helped you with Information and document checklist for getting a divorce in florida and if not kindly drop a comment.

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