Nigerian Navy Past Questions And Answers

A collection of Nigerian Navy Past Questions And Answers can be downloaded in PDF. This will allow you to prepare for and succeed.

Before they can be considered for the next stage in navy recruitment, all applicants must pass the Nigerian Navy exam. (Take note)

The Nigerian Navy Exam is computer-based and usually contains four areas. These are English language, general mathematics, current affairs, and general studies.

We have provided a PDF of past questions and answers for the Nigerian Navy Exam. It contains all questions and their answers on all subjects covered in the exam.

This PDF contains past questions and answers from the Nigerian Navy Exam. Use it to help you prepare for the exam.

Nigerian Navy Past Questions And Answers
Nigerian Navy Past Questions And Answers

It is available for download. You can read and study it to prepare you for the Nigerian Navy exam.

Here are the examples of the questions and their answers that you will find in this Nigerian navy exam past questions and answers PDF that we give:

Question 5.) The military operations carried out by the Armed Forces of Nigeria in Odi, Zaki Biam and Baga towns at various times can best be described as?

A. Counter Terrorism Operations.

B. Air Defence Operations.

C. Internal Security Operations

D. Anti riot Operations

Answer is D

Question 6.) The parliament of Nigeria is called ________

(A) House of Representative

(B) Senate

(C) State house of Assembly

(D) National Assembly

Answer is D

From the words lettered A to D choose the one which is best appropriate to complete the sentences below.

Question 57.) Okonkwo is a stubborn man; he will never _______his words

(a) Chew

(b) spit

(c) eat

(d) bite

Answer: C

Question 58.) Kindly _____me your book because my friend has ____ mine

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(a) Borrow / borrowed

(b) borrow /rent

(c) lend / lent

(d) lend/borrowed

Answer: D

Question 59.) Three quarters of the church ________ painted by members the previous day.

(a) Were

(b) was

(c) is

(d) are

Answer: B

Question 98. What is the area of Triangle ABC?

A. 350

B. 360

C. 370

D. 375

E. 390

The answer is (375). D

Question 99. What is the perimeter of Triangle ABC?

A. 80

B. 85

C. 95

D. 100

E. 105

The answer is (100). D

Advice for applicants regarding Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Recruitment

The most important step in navy recruitment is the exam. You must pass this examination before you can proceed to the next stage of the recruitment.

You must do your best to pass the navy recruitment exam. After passing the exam, you will be able to ask for help from anyone you know. If you fail to pass the navy recruitment exam, nobody will help you get the job.

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The best way to ensure you pass the Nigerian Navy Exam is to study the past questions and answers book. Most of the questions on the navy recruitment exam are repeated each year.

You can also find past questions and answers for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exam. Make sure to go through the exam and read the questions and the answers again.

Apart from past questions and answers for the Navy Exam, you should also read the current affairs book. You will need to be well-versed in the history of Nigeria.

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