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Okash Loan App Download

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Are you looking for okash loan app download then you are at the right place to download the loan app that is compatible for your phone.

To download the Okash loan app for Nigerian it is necessary to be over 20 years old with an income of at least $20,000 and a mobile number. Okash loan lending application is a secure and reliable option to get the credit you need in Nigeria anytime you require it.

The Okash loan app download procedure takes less than 5 minutes to complete without collateral or documents required. This great service is provided through blue ridge microfinance bank for credit loans to customers in Nigeria.

okash loan app download
okash loan app download

About Okash Loan App

Okash loan application is a simple personal loan lending application that allows Nigeria Android users on mobile devices to have access to credit anytime and any time, anywhere in Nigeria and their office address at Lot 8. Nurudeen olowopopo way room 301, Japaul House Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.

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Okash Loan App Review

The download of the okash loan app is completely free. More than 1 million downloads downloaded on the Google Play store and has received 41k reviews. The required Android version for the Okash Loan App download is 5.0 and above.

What amount can the Okash loan app loan me? You can get up to N3,000 or up to N500,000, which you must repay between 90 days and 365 days.

The app for loan okash download has an interest rate in Nigeria

The cost of a loan can range from a minimum of 0.1 percent to 1%, which is calculated daily and has an annual rate of 36.5 percent up to 360 percent.

Who is eligible for okash cash loan?

  • Small-scale company owners from Nigeria
  • People who require quick cash
  • Entrepreneurs with business ideas that are innovative and successful

How do I apply for an advance from the Okash Loan lending application?

  1. Install OKash from the Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Select the product that you’re looking to apply to.
  4. complete all necessary details, and then complete the application.
  5. After you have submitted your application it is possible to receive confirmation. The confirmation of the application will be displayed in your APP after which you’ll get informed via SMS if your application is approved.
  6. The loan agreement must be electronically signed following the approval.
  7. After you sign the E-signal after the E-sign, the loan amount will be credited to your account within a few hours and an the SMS will notify you.

Conditions for lending Okash loans in Nigeria

  • 20 years old and over
  • The applicant must be in Nigeria
  • People with fixed incomes that are monthly
  • Excellent Android phone
  • Card and bank account must be valid.
  • Methods for identifying
  • A good data connection
  • Number BVN
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  • Secure and quick loan process
  • Sign up for the application in a simple procedure
  • There is no collateral or guarantor.


  • Age restriction
  • Short-term loan

How can I pay back a loan from Okash in Nigeria?

Okash has made the repayment of loans easy. Here are some simple methods to pay back the loan.

  • You can make a payment on your loan using the okash App using”make a repayment” or clicking the “make a repayment” button
  • You can repay the loan by transfer into blue Ridge microfinance ltd., zenith Bank plc and account number 1130085518. Supply your BVN or your opay reg phone number with your full name in the section provided
  • Okash can also perform auto-debits at the time of each repayment due date on your credit card.

Why should you choose OKash?

  • You are able to apply for credit on loans. You don’t require any deposit or guarantee.
  • Up to NGN500,000. Transfer money to your bank account within a few days.
  • Digital and paper-free process that you can do on your smartphone. The whole process can be completed online.
  • the information about lending of the entire customer base remains confidential from any third-party. Your information is completely secure with Okash.
  • Okash lending platforms offer the ability to notify the customers that they have a payment due to be made.

What happens if your fail to pay back your credit in Nigeria?

The loan’s late repayments immediately are subject to a rollover penalty of 2 percent per day and it is advised to pay the loan prior to the due date to boost your borrowing and credit score for future use.

Okash customer service number in Nigeria

  • The phone number is 08097755512.
  • okash WhatsApp number:+2349019099999

Click here to download the the app for loan okash from Nigeria here.

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Before borrowing money through any mobile lending application in Nigeria It is advised to think about certain aspects such as

  • The administration cost is an additional expense. fee
  • Compare rates of interest
  • Terms and conditions of lending app
  • A shorter time frame for the loan

It is advised to make use of okash when you require immediate cash in case of emergency due to their speedy and reliable loan response.

Frequently Asked Question on Okash Loan App Download

Do I have the option of changing my identification number after I have submitted my details to okash?

Okash adheres to the most stringent standards of integrity of data which means that you are unable to alter the information you have submitted previously. So, you need to provide accurate information during the time of registration.

What is the highest amount that OKash will give you?

The maximum amount you can obtain from okash is N500,000. It’s important to maintain an excellent record of your credit history for loans, which will improve your credit score and help you obtain a loan with a better rate in the near future.

What happens if I pay more than my loan with okash?

Once the reconciliation of all the payments has been completed, any additional funds will be reversed to your bank account in less than 3 weeks.

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