This is Why People Say That School is Scam

This is the Reason People Believe that School is a Scam (maybe they’re right)

It’s not an insult or diss to those who are a believer in school. This is just an honest statement that I’d like you to read carefully.

And if someone who did not do well in school is telling you that school is a scam, don’t believe them. E dey pay pain am say e no Sabi book.

But, it’s obvious that the school hasn’t capable of delivering on its commitments:

You can get a lucrative job when you graduate with high marks.

This doesn’t happen often. It’s reported in the media that top-quality students of professional schools prefer opening a store instead of putting into put into practice the knowledge they’ve been studying.


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If an Okada rider earns more each month than lab attendants.

If you’re a graduate, you enjoy the best standard of living.

This is far from the reality. A lot of people who do not attend school are more knowledgeable about the world than academics.

You’re a graduate doesn’t mean you’re wise. This is the reason why numerous scholars are left out in today’s world economy.

People who are actionable, wise smart people control the market, not those who are able to memorize a lot of things.


Be aware that the school may be a fraud, but education is never an enigma. It’s different.

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Education goes beyond the classroom. It’s all the knowledge we require to be successful. Learning is an activity that is part of our lives and not just a school activity. It’s not just for school.

The education system equips you with these abilities:

– Thinking
– Communicating
– Emotional intelligence
– Problem-solving
Teamwork – and other things.


Although, it’s true that school works for some however it’s not a good fit for everyone else. If you are able learn, school is the primary where you identify yourself, particularly when you’re an Nigerian.

In reality, the most successful people have graduated from college. Therefore, the argument isn’t that schools are useless.

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The problem is that you will not receive all the information you need from school.

Therefore, you should begin doing your best, your personal development and on your mental state.

Be willing to learn each day, and you’ll be rewarded in many ways.

Thank you for reading!


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