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Flamingo Loans Reviews

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Are you looking for Flamingo loans reviews then this article is for you with all the necessary information about Flamingo loans reviews.

This firm could be offering financial products or services in the UK without our authorization. Learn how to protect yourself and why you should avoid dealing with an unauthorised firm.

Nearly all individuals and firms offering or promoting financial products or services in the UK must be registered or authorized by us.

We do not approve this firm and it is targeting UK residents. If things go wrong, you won’t be able to access the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or the Financial Services Compensation Schemes (FSCS).

Flamingo Loans – Unauthorized Firm


Website: www.flamingoloans.uk

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Some firms might give out additional details or modify their contact details over time. This could include new email addresses, telephone numbers, or physical addresses.

How to protect yourself

You have greater protection when dealing with financial companies that have been registered or authorised by us. To ensure that they are registered or authorized, check the Financial Services Register. This includes information about individuals and firms that we have regulated.

Whether you used an authorised or registered firm to access the Financial Ombudsman Service (FSCS) protection depends on whether you made the investment, what service they provide, and what permissions they have. The registered or authorised firm should be able provide more information on protection.

Contact our Consumer Helpline at 0800 111 6768 if a firm claims to be on the FS Register, but it doesn’t appear.

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You should take additional steps to avoid scams .

Report an unauthorised company

Contact our Consumer Helpline at 0800 111 6768 if you believe you were approached by an unlicensed firm. To report a scam company, please visit our Contact Us page.

Flamingo Loans Reviews

Below are some of Flamingo Loans Reviews as reported by anonymous customers

I purchased a car from the Car Plaza in North Lauderdale in 2007 at the time of the purchase I gave them $3, 100.00 cash and three cars equal to ($5, 00.00) to pay for the car I was under the impression that I owned the car free & clear. Just the end of this week my car was repoed. I called Flamingo Finance and they advised me that I never paid any payments since I owned the car however, the loan details are NOT on my credit report. They never advised me that I owed any money. I never recieved a letter, phone call nothing ! My question is if I owed $16, 000.00 shouldn’t it be on my credit report ? Wouldn’t you sent a letter to your customer advising them of this HUGE debt? I gave car plaza $3, 100.00 & $5, 000.00 this was to OWN the car free and clear I did not agree to the car loan period! So know I do not have a car they took my money, and I cant even get copies of my loan documents.

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