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Milgard wood clad windows

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Are you looking for milgard wood clad windows then this article is for you with all the necessary information that you need.

For many years, wood has been the most popular material for dwellings and a widely available window substrate. It could be stained and sealed to highlight the wood grain or painted a solid color. In addition to being sturdy and simple to work with, wood is a natural insulator and goes well with a variety of architectural styles.

Wood frames demand greater upkeep compared to vinyl and fiberglass. In order to maintain the window or door’s aesthetic appeal and functionality, regular sealing, staining, or painting is required. It is virtually always necessary to perform frequent touch-ups and the occasional refurbishing, sanding, and application of new coats.

With a durable fiberglass outside and an interior made of real wood, Milgard Essence Series® windows go beyond traditional wood windows. A newly developed mulling system, used in the Essence Series windows, safely joins several pieces, forming a tight seal and guarding against air and water infiltration.

The cutting edge water management technology from Milgard is included with Essence Series® windows. By draining water away through a covert network of water channels and drainage holes, it safeguards the solid wood inside. Compared to most typical wood windows, this enables the window to operate at a higher design pressure.

Milgard wood clad windows Materials


The main components of fiberglass window and door frames are glass fibers and resin, which exhibit extremely low thermal expansion and contraction. Up until recently, fiberglass was unable to provide the intricate features needed for window designs. Because of its beauty and long-lasting sturdiness, fiberglass windows and patio doors are growing in popularity among homeowners. Innovation has made it feasible to construct a fiberglass frame.

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Windows and doors made of fiberglass resist swelling, decay, and warping. For increased strength and energy efficiency, the frame expands and shrinks roughly at the same pace as the insulated glass it supports. Although fiberglass frames don’t need to be repainted for maintenance, the material can be done so if you want to change colors.

Pultrusion is the technique Milgard use to produce the frame lines for their fiberglass windows and patio doors. Massive forces are used to drag glass rovings and mats through a resin solution and a set of dies. Tensile and torsion strength is produced by the combination and catalysis of these materials. For quality and long-lasting performance, Milgard routinely tests its fiberglass lineals for color uniformity, gloss, film thickness, and chemical resistance.

Milgard wood clad windows
Milgard wood clad windows


Polyvinyl chloride is the main material used to make vinyl frames (PVC). This material has a lot of benefits, including practically no maintenance requirements. Vinyl window and door frames come in a variety of styles. There will be variations in the vinyl quality from one manufacturer to the next. This is due to the fact that a vinyl frame is comprised of a substance—sort of like a recipe—that determines how well it will work over time. Each ingredient added to a company’s vinyl recipe aids in determining the long-term properties of the finished product, such as its resilience to weather and impacts. For instance, titanium dioxide increases the heat resistance of vinyl. Competing windows may initially appear to be identical, but there may be important changes in the vinyl recipe used and the way vinyl sections are made to provide a window a strong structural foundation and maximize insulating effectiveness.

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Vinyl windows and doors are typically offered in white and other light neutral hues. In addition to our regular hues of white and tan, Milgard created a two-coat formulation that offers painted exterior vinyl finishes from Bronze to Silver. The vinyl frame can deflect UV rays that pass through the color formulation thanks to new coating technology. As a result, a vinyl window or patio door can maintain its virtually new appearance for years.

A vinyl compound created by Milgard is produced under strict controls and to high standards. All finished goods are put through rigorous testing to assure quality and consistency, and it contains high grade stabilizers and titanium dioxide to guarantee the end product is heat stable and has high performance physical qualities. In addition, Milgard manufactures a large number of its own vinyl parts. All of this results in replacement vinyl windows and patio doors that are strong, trustworthy, and of a high caliber. Additionally accessible in applications for new build or remodel.

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Aluminum frame patio doors and windows can be combined in a wide range of ways while remaining lightweight. Due to the frame’s narrowness, the glass and the vista it provides become the focal point. Aluminum frames are frequently used in the construction of multi-panel glass walls to enable indoor/outdoor living. For long-lasting color, Milgard aluminum frames can be anodized or baked on. Over many years of service, sealed, mechanically attached corners remain square and true.

Aluminum is not advised for beach homes because, despite being water resistant, the material can corrode from salt water and sea air. Performance of the frame and hardware are both impacted by corrosion.

A Thermally Improved Aluminum frame is available from Milgard in some areas since aluminum conducts heat and cold well. Thermal breaks are included in Thermally Improved Aluminum patio doors and windows to create a barrier between the interior and outside surfaces and lessen heat transfer.

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