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Home Loan Green Microfinance Loan App: How To Apply For Loan, Interest Rate

Green Microfinance Loan App: How To Apply For Loan, Interest Rate

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Green microfinance loan gives the loan without collateral or guarantor, and not only that you don’t have to complete the paperwork that is common to microfinance banks. With your BVN along with your smartphone, you will be able to secure the loan.

What is a microfinance green loan?

Green Microfinance is a loan company that offers loans to individuals who reside in Nigeria. They offer deferred loan products like car loans, home loans, and personal loans. You know how to get this loan without collateral or paperwork.

Green microfinance loan app

Green microfinance loan app

Different types of green microfinance loans

Below are the different loans for green microfinance products.

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Personal loans
With a green microfinance loan, you can obtain a loan amount of up to $500,000 without paper or collateral. The loan process is quick and after a few minutes of approval, you will see your credit card credit.

Car loan
It is also possible to get a loan for your car using green microfinance. On their website, they claim that the loan does not require collateral however I am not sure. If it is that, it means that the loan is small.

Loan for home
The same applies to home loans. it does not require collateral. For the application to apply, head over to the website of green microfinance and fill out the application to get the loan.

The requirements to apply for a green microfinance loan

Similar to other loan companies green microfinance too has requirements you must satisfy before applying for a loan. These requirements are

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You must have a bank account as well as a BVN

Achieve a high credit score

You must have a source of income.

You cannot have been in default on any loan before

Achieve a high credit score

You must be over 18 years old

How do I apply for a green microfinance loan

For more information on how to apply, go to the website

Select the kind of loan you’d like to apply for

You’ll be taken to the registration page

In this area, you’ll fill in your personal information, including BVN

Then you’ll be given the amount you qualify for.

The bin you have is used to determine the amount of money you could get

How much can you expect to receive from a green microfinance loan

With this loan firm, you can get up to $500,000 in personal loans as well as a lot more for auto and home loans. Naturally, if you are a first-time applicant, the amount you receive is less than this.

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The repayment period and interest rate

The interest rate is contingent on the kind of loan you take out It ranges from 5-30 percent while the period of repayment can be from one Month to twelve months based on the kind of loan you take out.

Paying back your loan

You can repay the loan by using an ATM card or ask them to inquire about their account and then transfer the funds.

Is green microfinance legit

Yes, it’s real You will get a loan through them unless you have poor credit.

Green microfinance contacts



Phone no


Green Microfinance is among the most authentic loan companies in Nigeria They will offer you a loan, even though the amount may be modest based upon your credit rating.

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  1. You guys are crazy for promoting this fraudsters. I applied for the loan, paid the insurance fee and never received a loan. Always run background checks before you promote shit. Check the reviews on their FB page and you’d be shocked

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