Top 10 Best Instant Cash Advance Apps With No Credit Check

This article will be reviewing the top instant cash advance apps that don’t require a credit check. You can download these apps and instantly access cash for any financial need. These apps allow you to quickly access between $50 and $200 with no credit check .

Top 10 Best Instant Cash Advance Apps With No Credit Check

Top 10 Best Instant Cash Advance Apps With No Credit Check

While it is possible to still get loans from traditional banks when you require a large sum of money, you need to understand that this process can be very bureaucratic and stressful. One reason why you might prefer instant cash advance applications with no checks is that the process is not stressful and is quite smooth.

Top 10 Instant Cash Advance Applications With No Credit Check

ElitePersonalFinance covers only legitimate cash advance applications. We do not review or list any payday loan applications!

Here are the top 10 cash advance apps that you can get money in 2022. Look no further! QUICK LOAN ARENA is the number one review site for loans and cash advance applications in Africa. We have a list of top ten (10) instant cash loan apps that don’t require a credit check before you can borrow quick cash.

  1. Dave — The Best for the Most Cash Advance
  2. SoLo Funds — The best for peer to peer loan funding
  3. Brigit — The best for same-day loans
  4. Earnin — The best for earning-based borrowing
  5. MoneyLion — Best for Multiple Options
  6. It’s possible — Best for quick cash advances
  7. Empower — Best for no interest and no credit risk
  8. Albert — Best for No Late Fees
  9. Cleo — Fast Instant Loans
  10. Chime — Best for Banking and Membership with Zero Fees

1. Dave — The Best for the Most Cash Advance

Top Ten Best Instant Cash Advance Apps with No Credit Check That Can Loan You Money Instantly

Dave is a great choice if you are looking for instant cash advances that don’t require a credit check and can loan you money immediately. The cash app allows you to borrow up $250 without any interest or credit checks. After paying your monthly bills, you will need some extra money. The membership fee is $1 per monthly. Dave is safe and legal way to get cash within three business days. You also have the option of paying a fee to get same-day funding. The Dave app is available in all states and can be linked to an external bank account.

Capital One employs Dave? Yes. No matter if you bank with Capital One or Chase Bank, Wells Fargo or other financial institutions, it shouldn’t be a problem setting up an account at Dave. You can also choose to repay the advance yourself or have it automatically deducted from your next paycheck as a bonus.


  • Dave is one the most popular apps for loans up to $250
  • Dave won’t charge you interest or look at your credit.
  • Three-day standard funding is available for free
  • An external bank account can be linked.


  • Membership fees are $1 per month.
  • Instant cash advances of $5 or less cost $1.99, $5.99 for $100-250 and $5.99 respectively.


Dave can provide extra cash before payday. However, unlike other instant money advance apps with no credit checks on our list, it charges a $1 membership fee. The Dave cash advance app is available here.

2. SoLo Funds — The best for peer to peer loan funding

Top 10 Best Instant Cash Advance Apps With No Credit Check That Loan You Money Instantly

SoLo Funds, which offers 50 to $500 in instant cash advances, with no credit check and which also allows you to borrow money immediately, is top of our list. There is no minimum credit score required. You can also get a repayment term of less than 15 days and tips that range from 3% up to 10%. Solo Funds is a great option if you are looking for apps that pay real money and don’t have high APRs.

SoLo funds is a peer to peer (P2P), lender that connects borrowers and investors. The app should be accessible in all states. Applicants with low credit scores or no credit are also welcome to apply.

Late payment fees can cost you 15% plus $5. You can’t also rollover your loan. In default, you will often lose access to the apps.


  • SoLo Funds cash app allows you to get up to $500 without a credit check
  • Tips can be as low as 3% to 10%, which is much lower than the APRs on payday loans.
  • Often, same-day funding can be available.
  • An external bank account can be linked.
  • There is no monthly fee for membership.


  • Late payment fees cost 15% plus $5.
  • Approval on the platform is determined by independent lenders.


SoLo Funds lets you borrow money instantly from friends and pay them “tips” instead of a frightening interest rate. These tips can be very high and you don’t want them to cost as much as a payday loan.

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