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How To Repay Aella Credit Loan

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This article will help you on how to Repay Aella Credit Loan, all the options of repayment will be discussed here.

How can you obtain an Aella credit loan? Aella credit

Follow these steps for a credit via Aella credit.

1. Download the app

The first step for getting an installment credit is downloading the application from the Google Play Store. It’s very simple with an Android phone, open the the play store to download.

2. Open the app and choose the source

The process is easy. After the app has been installed and downloaded to your smartphone, simply press it to open it. It will ask you whether your organization has a relationship with Aella Credit or not. If you are aware that your company is a part of the group and you wish to use the network, then click yes. Then, you will have to enter your name and ID number.

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If you’re applying by yourself then click no and proceed.

Repay Aella Credit Loan
Repay Aella Credit Loan

3. Sign up

You will be asked for basic information like name, email address, phone number, and password. It’s that easy! You will receive a verification code to verify your number. After you have verified your phone number, you’re now inside.

4. Request a loan

After you’ve signed up and logged in, you should be able login. On the app, you’ll find a’request for loan’. Select that and then follow the directions.

5. You must wait for the to receive a loan

After you’ve submitted your application. You must wait for the decision from the lender, which normally takes only a few minutes

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How much money can you take in a credit?

You can avail up to N90 1,000 loan . In the beginning you will typically receive tiny amounts. However, as you repay the loan and grow, you’ll have the ability to get larger amounts.

Aella credit interest rate

They have a range of flexible interest rate. The interest rate for a month is varying from 4% to 29%. The loan tenor ranges from 30-60 days, and then repay.

The term “loan”

The term of the loan is between 30 and 60 days.

Repayment of the loan

There are numerous methods to pay back loans. Log into the app and make a payment by debit card. You can make payments through Quickteller, as well as other methods. If you’re stuck, contact the customer service.

Aella credit for companies

This FinTech firm has a specific service for businesses. If you own a company that has a large number of employees, you may join the company. It is part of your job to support your employees.

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After you have registered as a business the company will be profiled by the business and provide employees loans with very affordable interest rates. This type of loan is referred to as an In Network loan. The rate of interest for employees who are in-network is between 1% and 14% per month.

How do I repay my aella credit loan

There are a variety of ways to pay back loan. You can sign in to the app and pay it back by debit card. You can make payments through Quickteller or other options. If you’re stuck, you can contact the customer service.

Debit card: To utilize the option of debit card, navigate to ‘Your Loans’ menu in the app. Click the ‘Repay/Pay Now button within the app, and then tap the debit card that is linked to your account. If the transaction is successful, your account will be updated immediately.



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